I once bought a clean title car in run and drive condition. The AutoCheck report was also very good. It had maintenance records, just two owners and no accident history. However, when the car arrived, I found out it had a bad head gasket and worn-out transmission. These were expensive repairs that are not usually stated by these auction sites.

Buying cars from the online auctions can be a hit or miss. 
The advantage I had was that I bought the car at a very good price at the auction. The low price gave me enough room to repair the car and still make decent $$$$ on the car.

The beauty of any car flip deal lies in the cost price.

I buy cars from Copart and IAAI, fix them and sell them for profit. I have been doing this successfully for about several months simply because I consistently buy my cars at the best price possible.

Auction sales data can help you know what others are paying for a vehicle.

Knowing what others are paying for a vehicle considering several factors such as primary damage, secondary damage, year, model, make, auction location, loss type,... can help you avoid overbidding on vehicles and maximize your profit.

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